Behind the Glamour: Anne De Zogheb’s Marriage to Paul Anka Revealed

Anne de Zogheb captivated audiences and hearts worldwide with her grace and beauty and her fascinating life story that seemed to weave through various aspects of glamour, romance, and personal resilience.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Born on October 2, 1942, in Alexandria, Egypt, Anne France Marie Antoinette Jaubert, known professionally as Anne de Zogheb, was the epitome of multicultural heritage and worldly charm. Of Lebanese and French descent, de Zogheb’s early years were marked by privilege, education, and an emerging sense of adventure that would define her entire life.

Anne De Zogheb


A Flourishing Modelling Career

In the 1950s and 1960s, de Zogheb’s career as a fashion model took off spectacularly. She became one of the most sought-after faces in the fashion industry, working with eminent photographers and featuring on the covers of major magazines. Anne’s elegance and poise set her apart, making her a muse for designers and a favorite among the haute couture circles in Paris.

Union with Paul Anka

Anne de Zogheb entered a new chapter of her life when she married Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka in 1963. The couple’s wedding was a glamorous affair that attracted media attention worldwide. She and Anka’s union had five daughters, further cementing their bond. Despite their eventual separation in 2000, Anne remained an influential figure in Anka’s life, often credited with being his muse for the timeless classic “(You’re) Having My Baby.”

Personal Passions and Endeavors

Beyond the glare of the public eye, de Zogheb was known for her profound love for her family, dedication to charitable causes, and passion for the arts. She possessed a keen intellect and an unrelenting zest for life, which endeared her to many.


Anne de Zogheb’s legacy is grace, resilience, and the capacity to inspire. She navigated life’s ups and downs with dignity, always leaving a lasting impression on those she encountered.

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